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Thread: Nokia Asha 202 available in India at Rs. 4,149

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    Nokia Asha 202 available in India at Rs. 4,149

    Hello friends, I am posting here just to inform you people that the new Nokia Asha 202 available in India at Rs. 4,149.

    Nokia Asha 202 in short: Asha Nokia 202 is a phone looks breezy with a physical T9 keypad without sliding mechanism and a TFT 2.4-inch diagonal that offers a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels in which there is a resistive touchscreen technology. The camera at the back is 2 megapixels that can record video at 176 x 144 at 15 fps and capture images up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. The front sensor does not exist in the phone.

    Other than this, phone features a media player, audio jack of 3.5 mm in diameter, FM radio with Visual Radio and built internal capacity of 10 MB. There is slot for memory cards compatible with microSD support of up to 32 GB, support SNS, dual slot for SIM card can store up to 5 profiles of different cards, Bluetooth, 16 MB RAM, Dual Band GSM antenna module and GPRS connectivity class 10. The operating system is Nokia OS, version S40.

    Display and look: Screen is exactly what we expect from an entry-level candy bar phone: diagonal of 2.4 inches, TFT type and resolution offered no more than 240 x 320 pixels. Nokia does not disappoint on either side of the design, even though it should be noted that the in category of classic phones and anonymous world this phone comes up with the great looks as candybar. Asha 202 has a pleasing look that certainly not go unnoticed. The corner is a rounded but not too much, avoiding the effect of soap, and you can even choose different colors: Dark Grey, Golden White, Dark Red, Black and White Silver.

    Battery: The battery provided with the Nokia phone is not bad at all. The Lithium-ion battery with comes with the 1020 mAh giving up to 5 hours of phone conversation or 400 hours of continuous functioning in the standby mode. So it is quite satisfactory from the battery side.

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    Re: Nokia Asha 202 available in India at Rs. 4,149

    Portability: This is definitely compact; Asha 202 is not so thin as this is having thickness of 13.9 mm. However, it is light (90 grams in weight with battery-mounted) and its remaining dimensions totaled about 114.8 mm in height and 49.8 mm in width.

    Capacity: It is poor in storage capacity as the internal capacity is not more than the 10 MB. But this is nice to hear that it is having a slot for memory cards of microSD that ca n encompass upto 32 GB. Usually in the entry level there is limited to 16 or even to 8.

    Operating System: Asha 202 is having Nokia S40 OS.

    Camera: Although it has some very remarkable features, Asha Nokia 202 is still a device that does not want to seem like a smartphone and it is a device sold at a very economical price. Therefore we understand very well why they are not expected to be provide more than 2 megapixel camera in phone. You can take pictures at a maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels and record videos at 176 x 144 pixels at 15 fps. There is absent of flash and secondary sensor at front.

    The multimedia: The affordability does not mean that they will throw away the multimedia sector. This accomplish a good battery life, the big slot for memory cards (microSD) and the presence of an audio jack of 3.5 mm diameter so you can use the phone as a mp3 player. There is even a FM radio complete with visual radio support.

    Network: Nokia Asha 202 is havinf a dual SIM card slots. So you can make use of 2 SIM cards together.

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