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Thread: Angry Birds Space HD arrives to BlackBerry PlayBook

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    Angry Birds Space HD arrives to BlackBerry PlayBook

    Angry Birds Space officially arrives on BlackBerry playbook after having landed successfully on the iPhone OS and Android platforms. And so, even the owners of a tablet RIM can now download the latest iteration series of Rovio, which is available on BlackBerry App World with an outlay of $ 2.99.

    The newest game in the series Angry Birds had actually been made available on BlackBerry App World about two weeks ago but only for a few hours: RIM had subsequently removed from the store without giving any explanation about it. Mysteriously, then, Angry Birds Space has been postponed for 15 days and is therefore now available for download.

    You will have at 60 levels where the birds will fight aliens with superpowers stellar piglets. Angry Birds is in fact, this time set in space and it was developed in collaboration with NASA and respects the laws of the absence of gravity in the cosmos. For this reason, the owner of a BlackBerry playbook or other device on which is available game will have to change their strategies according to this aspect.

    There are new types of birds, the superpowered, free upgrades, bonuses and much more for a game that has been out after the launch of iPhone OS and Android. The version for the tablet in Motion supports high definition and is available without advertising.

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    Re: Angry Birds Space HD arrives to BlackBerry PlayBook

    Angry Birds space for the BlackBerry Playbook features:
    • 60 levels interstellar!
    • Regular free updates!
    • Brand new birds!
    • Brand new super powers!
    • Zero-gravity space adventures!
    • Trick shots using planets' gravity!
    • Hidden bonus levels!
    • Beautifully detailed backgrounds!

    The Good: There are many levels and increases the degree of difficulty as you progress in the game. The scenarios are very well designed and have an excellent level of detail. You have new characters and therefore to discover new features.

    The Bad: Zero gravity makes it easier to solve the levels, since the bird will continue to spin to stick with something.

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