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Thread: Nvidia launches dual chip Kepler graphics card, the GeForce GTX 690

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    Nvidia launches dual chip Kepler graphics card, the GeForce GTX 690

    Nvidia launches dual chip Kepler graphics card, the GeForce GTX 690

    Nvidia has launched long-awaited and much anticipated $999 graphics card with the world’s fastest gaming performance.

    Nvidia unveiled the GeForce GTX 690, a bi-GPU card generation Kepler derived from the GeForce GTX 680. Given the well-controlled consumption of the GPU which equip GK104 , its specifications have not been lowered as much as usual for a bi-GPU card, limited by its thermal envelope. The GeForce GTX 690 will be clocked at 915 MHz, 1006 MHz against the GeForce GTX 680. A turbo mode will be of the game, with a Boost of GPU frequency to 1019 MHz, against 1058 MHz on the GeForce GTX 680. GDDR5 memory of 2 GB per GPU is clocked against the same frequency of 1502 MHz.

    Like the GeForce GTX 680, Nvidia refuses to disclose the actual specifications and variation margin. Therefore difficult to determine with certainty the performance of the GeForce GTX 690 vs 2 GTX 680 in SLI, but we can estimate that the gap should be around 10% in favor of them. To maintain compatibility of PCI Express 3.0 GK104, Nvidia has abandoned his house to switch to a newer component PLX. Although the TDP is 300W and the target GPU Boost is limited to 263W (maximum value so that it can increase the frequency, but it does not reduce it under 300W), the GeForce GTX 690 is supplied through PCI Express 8-pin (375W) two connectors, enough to be able to leave more room for overclocking. Drivers allow an increase of 35% of the GPU Boost or target 355W maximum.

    Nvidia heavy emphasis on the design of the card that was worked extensively in terms of materials so as to provide an impeccable level of service quality manufacturing, aluminum and composite materials and replace the usual plastic. The cooling system is very similar to that against the GeForce GTX 590 with 2 cooling blocks equipped with a vapor chamber and cooled by a central axial fan. Given the more controlled consumption, noise should be revised downwards. Connectivity is also identical: three dual-link DVI outputs and a mini-DP.

    The latest GeForce GTX 690 Graphics card might be available in limited quantities on May 3. The wider availability will be starting from May 7. Add-in card partners are ASUS, EVGA, Gainward, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Inno3D, MSI, Palit and Zotac. The price is expected to be $999.

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    Re: Nvidia launches dual chip Kepler graphics card, the GeForce GTX 690

    The GTX 690 features two GK104- GPU 's, we know from the GTX 680. The cooler would consist of two vapor-chamber-elements and a fan in the center. That must have two GPUs with a total of 3072 shaders, 256 texture units and 64 ROPS cool. Other available 4GB of GDDR5 memory. Expected to be between 300 and 340 watts of heat are removed.

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    Re: Nvidia launches dual chip Kepler graphics card, the GeForce GTX 690

    Perhaps most characteristic of the NVidia GTX 690, plus of course its huge potential, is the inclusion of a new specific and unique case. It is made of chromed aluminum, which the manufacturer says it gives an edge in cooling than any other market model has. The vast majority of graphics cards based on plastic housings, which may be less efficient they are also much cheaper. The market price will be $ 1,000 dollars, actually probably overkill. While AMD still not made official its product that will be maybe the 7990, looking forward to competing in performance and approach him, and with a cheaper price.

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