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Technology Reloaded: Self-destruct USB sticks

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Old 16-04-2012
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Technology Reloaded: Self-destruct USB sticks

Sensitive data can be found more frequently on a USB stick. They especially like USB sticks are used for formatting. Documents can be stored for convenience on the USB flash drive to be installed on the computer afterwards. But forget to delete too many people, the USB flash drive off again. Sensitive files stay on it and if the stick is lost, any third party, the documents in hand.

Fujitsu is working on a USB stick with self-destruction and certain security mechanisms. Currently there is only one prototype of the new USB flash drive. If the USB memory is lost or even stolen, the data will be destroyed after a certain time. In addition to the flash memory, of the stick, a battery and a small processor. This allows the stick to be programmed. If the USB memory, for example after a certain period of time not connected to a specific PC, so this destroys all the data. Nor can we pretend it that files can be read only at a particular site or only certain systems are compatible. The protection should be as high as possible.

One manufacturer (Name not known yet) comes with an encrypted USB flash drive (4GB) with self-destruct your closest confidant. The high-security storage medium not only encrypts your data automatically with 256-bit (military standard). It also allows access only by entering a PIN. These can be from 1 to 10 characters creating themselves.

Only when you enter the correct code, the USB flash drive detected by the computer and release the data entrusted to him. Pulling it or someone else from the USB port, closes your encrypted USB flash drive (4GB) with self-destruction, and thus automatically prevents access by unauthorized persons. Its housing is provided with a scratch resistant layer. The USB connector is protected by a sliding cover. If anyone try to use force to break the stick, to get at his inner part, the stored data will be deleted right away.

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Old 18-04-2012
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Re: Technology Reloaded: Self-destruct USB sticks

That looks a nice concept but this is better for spys. I am sure a regular user does not wants his pen drive to get self destructed once he access the data. There is really no use of introducing such stuff for regular market. I prefer to go for military great usb which are strong and robust. They offer life long support and usage. You need to less worry about the same. One more thing which should be included in this is encryption support.
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