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Thread: PlayStation 4 May Be Released Late 2013, Code Named “Orbis”

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    PlayStation 4 May Be Released Late 2013, Code Named “Orbis”

    A new wave of rumors about the PlayStation 4 has arrived. They have also assumed many of the features and release date of this.

    The next generation console from Sony would be with the code name "Orbis". The wildest guesses are already underway and Orbis means "circle" or "ring" or "orbit" in Latin, in combination with the name of the latest mobile Vita means life we obtain "Orbis Vita", a name which shows the relationship and interaction between the two very advanced machines.

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    Re: PlayStation 4 May Be Released Late 2013, Code Named “Orbis”

    Going back to the elements then we will get this a little more interesting, the last assumptions suggest that the PlayStation 4 could embed a CPU and an AMD x64 graphics card AMD Southern Islands. All the components of the first choices provide high performance and would display a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. This is with such quality and even the best current TVs do not follow suit.

    They also states that the early developers have already received their development kits and others will be provided later. PlayStation 4 or Orbis could be released with the holiday season 2013.

    Another fact that has given this source is that Orbis will not be backwards compatible with previous Sony consoles, so it can not play games for PlayStation 3.

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    Re: PlayStation 4 May Be Released Late 2013, Code Named “Orbis”

    This is stuck inside a 64-bit CPU from AMD for x86-based graphics solution as well as a company with Selbiger Southern Iceland GPU. It is rumored that the new Sony console games in 1080p on consoles rise finally to the standard and stereoscopic 3D support. In addition to supporting the next Playstation playback of 4K-resolution videos and deploy this theory for games.

    It is predicted that the next Sony console get on an anti occasion. Players could buy a game on Blu-ray or via PSN but it would be blocked for use on a single account. A measure that would limit the ability of second-hand market is because players would have to pay extra to unlock as a second-hand. Furthermore it is essential that the console is always connected to use the games.

    However, such an announcement seems unlikely since the console could be boycotted by many buyers. It is not in the interest of Sony to launch such a policy because it will put impact on total sell as well.

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