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Old 23-03-2012
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New Linux kernel 3.3 with merged Android code released

The last update of the Linux kernel, version 3.3 is now available, including after a long time of debate, the Android code. Both platforms can now share drivers, and patches functionalities. This is good news for developers, Still a few things to tweak, including energy management, which currently limit the autonomy of devices, but the first step is done.

although the changes are not very relevant if I can not fail to mention the Android reentry code to it. In fact by now integrating Android is just a kind of fusion, but the interesting thing regarding this news for is that the disagreement among developers on one side and the other have been in the past. quite a few sub-systems as well as features of Android have previously been merged, and added more in the future. Obviously, this will bring benefits to both parties.

Moreover, because it improves support for Btrfs, the Bonding network cards, the active Ext4 partition resizing, adding a new IT architecture C6X

The Linux kernel and Android officially merged. This is the main new feature in version 3.3 of the Linux kernel that has been unveiled. Changes of Android had not been repaid since version 2.6.35 kernel. With the latest version of the mobile OS, Ice Cream Sandwich (which is based on Kernel 3.0.8), Google is fixed. This approximation simplifies maintenance of Android, but Android porting applications on Linux distributions. Therefore, there is only hope that the next version of Android is based on Linux Kernel 3.3.

But, this new edition introduces many other developments, and on all floors. The Btrfs file system is notably improved to better manage the balance and distribution of data within a disk array in RAID (on different levels). Btrfs is also equipped with a new utility integrity test. Network level, Open vSwitch is integrated into the main branch of the project. This software improves the switching network with multi-layer, especially in virtualized server environments.

A set of tools is also emerging to manage excessive consumption buffering. The prioritization process network traffic for different applications is also reviewed. Finally, the project now supports hardware architecture C6X Texas Instruments, DSP and multi-core configurations.

The most tech-savvy readers will know that Android is based on Linux, and even uses his modified kernel. But few people know about the schism that existed between the developers of Linux developers and Android, and how difficult it was to overcome.

With the release of kernel version 3.3, many disputes were settled, and the code elements Android now finally appeared in the core of Linux!
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Old 23-03-2012
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 513
Re: New Linux kernel 3.3 with merged Android code released

According to the official release notes for V3.3:

“Over time the code from the Android project could not merged in the store because of the differences between Linux developers from both projects. Fortunately, a few years later the differences were settled. The various subsystems and features Android already merged into the kernel Linux, as in the near future there will be even greater. So it will be easier for everyone, including the community of developers and Android distributions “

For too long, Android code was not merged with the repositories of Linux because the developers of both projects could not agree. After several years of working on the differences, both projects are finally together and discussions apparently left behind. What he failed to enter the kernel 3.3 is integrated into the upcoming version. But Android is not the only addition. Also included is support for c64x and c66x processors from Texas Instruments, used in printers, medical equipment and other devices. Added some improvements to the file system, memory management, security and others. The new kernel also integrates Open vSwitch, a system to manage data traffic between virtual machines.

Since the Linux 3.3 now includes more than 7000 lines of code from Android, mostly drivers. This represents a drop in the vastness of Linux code with its 15 million lines. The merger is not completed, but the developers of the Linux Foundation are on the road. This is not the first time that Linux and Android are similar, this was the case in 2010, but disagreements between the two communities had stopped cooperation. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is based on an older version 3.0.8 of the Linux kernel.

The Linux kernel 3.3 is have achieved this specific functions:
  1. the binder, providing interprocess communication (as does the IPC mechanism but without some additional features).
  2. the logger, which records only the activity of Android (and not the Linux kernel).
  3. the low memory killer, which frees up RAM by leaving suspended applications. On Android applications do not actually close themselves.
  4. and many drivers for smartphones, tablets and other smartbooks.

It is anyway a first step since the wakelock, which manages energy consumption and is still under debate, has not yet been built. A device can start with Android Linux kernel 3.3 but its autonomy is limited.

The 3.3 kernel also improves storage management, including improvements in the expansion of ext4, it also improves network connectivity, especially the concatenation of interfaces and prioritization of traffic, and now takes full charge of the EFI .

The dream of many people has becoming reality. Someday open operating systems dominate the home market, Android applications will work on Linux and many Linux applications will work on Android, ARM processors will expand to the desktop with Android and within years Linux distros and Android dominate the market for phones, tablets and home PCs. Everything will be PERFECT! (If Microsoft and Apple do not spoil)

People power to make this a reality, no matter how many defects have Android or Linux distros, because when the user community grows opensource system, the operating system improves much faster!
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Old 30-03-2012
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Re: New Linux kernel 3.3 with merged Android code released

Thank you very much, Fox to lion vomited a one mouthful, maliciously spittle talk
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