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Thread: RIM 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook now available at just Rs. 19,990

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    RIM 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook now available at just Rs. 19,990

    As the New Ipad 3 is about to launch in 2 days, Research in Motion (RIM) has taken a huge steps by slashing the price 64GB PlayBook tablet by 18 per cent approximately. The PlayBook is now available at just 19,990/- INR that usually cost Rs 24,490. If we compare it with Apple iPad, 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad 2 now costs Rs. 24,500, whereas people can now get 64GB storage tablet for less than 20K.

    According to RIM India Director Krishnadeep Baruah, “We have seen positive momentum with the promotional pricing levels and have decided to maintain an aggressive pricing strategy in order to help continue the momentum. The pricing combined with features in the new operating system and locally relevant applications make the PlayBook extremely competitive.” .

    Now as this clearly indicates launch of New iPad has made RIM slash the Playbook price, we will see if other tablet manufacturers adapting to this trend? If happened so, as they will get choices of premium product at reasonable rates.

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    Re: RIM 64GB BlackBerry PlayBook now available at just Rs. 19,990

    I just found a deal on web according to which Blackberry Playbook is available for Rs. 14,000 and on some places for Rs.13,000. So here it looks that blackberry has slashed the priced of its tablet to great extent. On official website of Blackberry the 16GB version comes for $199, 32GB for $249 and 64GB for $299.So that looks a too lower price. I hope you can get the right figure in your local currency.

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