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Thread: Microsoft OneNote Arrives on Android OS

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    Microsoft OneNote Arrives on Android OS

    Microsoft OnceNote now arrives on Android OS. You can simply has this awesome note taking software on your Android phone. A cross platform support is a must to have something today for many popular applications. This mobile version is not only available for Android, but for Windows Phone and Apple devices. OneNote allows you to capture notes easily and manipulate the task as and when needed. Other than this you can simply sync the data with other devices also. Rightnow if you get this app on your phone Microsoft will not charge you for the first 500 notes. After that there is a cost for using it. The fee is $4.99. After that only you can keep on using the app on the phone and sync with others. It is a handy note taking tools and keep a track of your task. You can create, edit and sync the notes via Skydrive on the phone. There is some addition on the visual style of app where it looks a bit different on Android interface. Following is the list of stuff you can do on OneNote.

    • It is possible to manage your to do list and add checkboxes to them.
    • You can sync the notes with SkyDrive and edit them wherever you want.
    • It is possible to create notes and add text, picture and formatting.
    • There is a spelling checker and hyperlink support provided on the application. hyperlinks
    • You can work on the notes on offline mode also and later on sync it with your Skydrive.

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    Re: Microsoft OneNote Arrives on Android OS

    The interface looks good for a while and really OneNote is a handy tool. It easily helps to create notes and manage them as and when needed. I am expecting more from Microsoft to increase the usage limit.

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