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Thread: BenQ R100 Android Tablet Coming In 2011

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    BenQ R100 Android Tablet Coming In 2011

    Peter Chen, Vice President of BenQ had the 10.1 Tablet Android Benq Nreader R100 on 1 September 2010 at the Global Distributors Meeting 2010 presented. With the production of the R100 Chen wanted to start in November last year, when sales start, Chen called the 1 Quarter of 2011 for the markets in China and Taiwan. At a later date should then follow the other markets.

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    Re: BenQ R100 Android Tablet Coming In 2011

    According to press reports, a company spokesman to the plans now on the last Tuesday, 22 December, officially confirmed again. Accordingly, Benq will actually still in the 1st Tablet PCs in the quarter with 10.1 - inch display get involved. Originally, the R100 with an ARM-based 667-MHz processor from Samsung announced. In the current statement Benq speaks of a Samsung CPU with 833 MHz. Except for the dimensions of R100, the main figures for the September Benq confirmed: According to a recent message to the Benq R100 191 x 244 x 15 millimeters and about 720 grams to come up with. As memory is 4 or 8 GB of flash memory on board. A SD / SDHC / SDXC card reader, WiFi and 3G and mini-USB and mini-HDMI also feature the Benq Tablets R100. The resistive 10.1" touch screen has 1,024 x 600 pixels. According to the R100 Benq hold a single charge around 12 hours.

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