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Thread: Huawei Ideos cheap android phone

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    Huawei Ideos cheap android phone

    Huawei announced that Huawei's overseas has just announced the launch of low-cost smart phone Ideos recently started listing in Hong Kong in the near future will be sold in the mainland. The smart phone is the world's first mobile phone operating system, Android 2.2, while the sales price is only 100-200 dollars, thereby triggering concerns of the industry.Huawei released the phone in London, and the series of mobile phones named "IDEOS", the phone was one of the U8150, running on the Android 2.2 operating system, Android 2.2 is the latest version of the Android mobile platform, allows applications and the operating speed is higher and the phone is the world's first mobile phone operating system Android 2.2.

    According to reports, IDEOS is Huawei's first to launch its own brand of smart phones, body engraved "with Google" logo. Meanwhile, the phone both WCDMA + Wi-Fi dual-network support, that is, Huawei IDEOS phone as a wireless Internet device variable, which can support Wi-Fi devices 5 through the phone's 3G network access Internet. It is worth noting that Huawei IDEOS the price of the phone line is only 100-200 dollars, the price in London before the release has caused great concern, because most of the smart phone prices are still four or five hundred dollars.

    Huawei in February this year, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona when he said the company plans to develop a "$ 150 smart phone." Now it seems, "IDEOS" is this phone. Huawei Terminal CMO, said Xu Xin Quan, Ideos is cooperation between Huawei and Google design and development, the back of the phone with the Google logo, its smooth surface design and touch screen similar to Apple iPhone. Ideos with a 3G USB Modem, a variety of colors to choose from.

    Lu Haojie Hong Kong office on behalf of Huawei, said that the phone is about to list in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong operator SmarTone exclusive dealer network service providers, and Synergy Technologies (Asia) Limited is appointed as a distributor, sales price lower than the 2000 Hong Kong dollar, will further reduce the threshold of entry smartphones.

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    Re: Huawei Ideos cheap android phone

    I found a much cheaper phone based on Android. I had found Micromax Z60 as one of the cheapest android phones. It is quiet hard to understand why android phones are so costly. As the operating system is open source so there must be a quiet an less amount on the same. I will advice you to have a look on Micromax Z60 that is the one phone that I will recommend before this one.

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