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Thread: Say Hello to Lava A10

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    Say Hello to Lava A10

    I have some exciting news to share with you appears that Lava A10 Specs have been leaked on Internet .

    The phone comes with 3inch (IPS Screen) which is touch enabled . The IPS screen is a high quality display screen with extra brightness.

    The handset is reported to come with 3.2 MP with twin LED flash. It appears that G -Sensor is also built in .

    Some of its leaked specification includes :

    3.0 IPS Screen
    3.2 MP Camera with Flash
    Micro SD Card support up to 16 GB
    Privacy lock
    3.5mm Audio Jack
    Edge Support
    Java Enabled
    Social networking

    Price is still unknown ......

    Stay connected to know more about Lava A10

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    Re: Say Hello to Lava A10

    Mostly I am not satisfied with Lava phones this are much more older models and there is very less support on the operating system of the phones. I found there are something lacking related to multimedia features although counting on price and other design support the phone is quiet well and fine. I need some more help on understanding the features of this phones.

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