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Thread: Windows Mobile: TomTom Navigator 7 online

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    Windows Mobile: TomTom Navigator 7 online

    After a long period of uncertainty, the specialist TomTom today announced the online availability of its navigation software TomTom Navigator 7 GPS for smartphones running Windows Mobile 6.1.

    NAVIGATOR 7 is compatible with a range of HTC smartphones and operator variants that run on Windows Mobile software OS. A new, dedicated NAVIGATOR 7 micro site has been launched on the TomTom website, including a compatibility wizard to check the current and future options for users' phones.

    “We are pleased to offer NAVIGATOR 7 as a standalone product for the first time.” says Corinne Vigreux, TomTom’s Managing Director. “Complementing our partnerships with handset manufacturers we have decided to make NAVIGATOR 7 available to fans of TomTom who want the latest navigation software on their phone.

    Available on microSD card

    If the differences with the previous version are slight, TomTom can reaffirm its commitment to the GPS navigation for smartphones and experience of several years, when the market is witnessing strong growth.

    As explained Corinne Vigreux, TomTom's CEO, "We are pleased to offer for the first time Navigator 7 as a standalone product. In addition to our partnerships with manufacturers of mobile phones, we decided to make available Navigator 7 users who wish to attend the browser the latest on their phone. "

    TomTom Navigator 7 is only available on microSD card (yet) and a map of Western Europe (22 countries) for € 99.95, other maps can be downloaded and starting at € 39.95. The compatibility is currently provided for the operating system Windows Mobile.

    TomTom NAVIGATOR 7 features
    • TomTom’s unique Map Share technology
    • New safety features including ‘Help Me’ menu
    • Improved address input for faster search including country switcher, postcode search and ‘accent spelling aid’
    • A new traffic interface that lets you avoid traffic easily and effectively
    • Share voices, POIs and other content - use TomTom HOME to personalise your device with free content from the TomTom community.

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    Re: Windows Mobile: TomTom Navigator 7 online

    There is also a new interface for the traffic information and content (POI additional voice synthesis) to download from the portal TomTom Home. For the rest, we find the turn-by-turn navigation with voice instructions, route recalculation and various icons of the main menu.

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