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Thread: How To Change Os Language From French To English

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    How To Change Os Language From French To English

    I have got a Sony Vaio laptop that came preinstalled with Windows Vista but its language interface is in French, since I have purchased it from france and therefore they have given me a laptop with their native language only and it doesnt even have Office suite as well. In any case, can anyone tell me how to change the vista french interface language that is from the start button, programs and then menus to english language? Thanks

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    I think that you might have bought an English language version of Windows Vista. But in anycase if you have Vista Ultimate or Enterprise version then you will be able to purchase and install the English language version of Windows Vista. Actually, the MUI which is often referred as Multilingual User Interface packs are only available for Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Ultimate.

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    You could try to do the below things:

    1. First of all you can try to upgrade to Vista Ultimate by using Anytime Upgrade, and then you can try to install the english language pack.
    2. Or else you can even try to buy a full version copy of Vista Home in english and install it cleanly.

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    Re: How To Change Os Language From French To English

    Have you tried to change the Windows Vista Display Language by following the below method:
    1. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Clock, Language, and Region / Change the display language
    2. Switch the display language in the Choose a display language drop down menu.
    3. Click OK
    4. Restart for the changes to take effect (this will affect only the user profile under which you are currently logged on).

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