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Thread: Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (KB936330) Update

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    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (KB936330) Update

    I am trying to update Vista. But it failed everytime. KB936330 SP1 update is not getting installed in my system. I had tried same again and again but still it shows in the pending list. Somehow it was installed and the system restarted. But the audio was gone. I removed the the update and restored my system. Things went back to normal.

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    It looks the update might be having some issue with the audio driver. Because of which your audio fails to work. You can avoid the update if you want. Or you can try one more thing. After update if your audio again fails to work install the latest audio driver and then see whether everything goes fine or not. In this way you can keep your system updated. After update check in device manager that your audio device is listed or not. Is there any kind of exclamation mark on it.

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    Same thing happened to my laptop when i d/loaded vista service pack 1, no sound and crashed computer so i had to start in safe mode and get rid of it, this has happend twice now first time i had to reinstall, the cpu was running at 100% ALL THE TIME. I am not going to bother putting it on my laptop untill all these probs go away in a few years maybe.

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    This happens a number of time. The changes done by new updates affects other drivers or applications. This is not a major issue. You can avoid the update if you want. But keeping your system upto date gives more security benefits. There are many vulnerabilities which are fixed by the new updates. The above solution is right. You can simply re-install the audio driver back again and check whether it is working fine or not.

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    I am having a Acer Travelmate laptop. I had installed Vista on that. I was using XP and thought to try Vista. But after upgrade there were some issue. The installation was just fine. I first updated Vista and then later on went with drivers upgrade. It happen a number of time the system freezes only when I added update. Without them it was working fine.

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