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Thread: Re-install Gadget bar in Vista Premium

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    Re-install Gadget bar in Vista Premium

    Iím using this Windows Vista laptop since a year now and it was working great. Yesterday somehow (mistakenly) I deleted the XPS view program from the system that stopped the gadget bar working. I tried various things to get it back working but no help. The only thing I can get is the grey bar without transparency and also not able to load the free gadgets available on web.

    Finally I thought repairing system will fix it. Hence I repaired the system as well as Ms Office but yet no success. I request you people to please help me out getting the gadget bar back to my system. Thank you very much.

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    Re: Re-install Gadget bar in Vista Premium

    There is nothing to worry friend. You can simply re-install the XPS viewer. What you need to do is first go to Control Panel, click Programs and Features and turn Windows Features On or Off. Once done, go to Microsoft.Net and reinstall the XPS viewer. Thatís it. .

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