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Thread: How to create a recovery disk

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    How to create a recovery disk

    I am using a Acer laptop and I want to create a Recovery Disk in it. I read their user manaul but to my surprise there are not enough information how to start the procedure. So, therefore I wanted to know a step by step method on how to create the Recovery Disk. The hard disk that I have has a hidden partition of 7.8gb with EISA Configuration but when checked in disk managements then it displays 100% is free. Thanks for any information.

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    Re: How to create a recovery disk

    I have also got a Vista machine with me and when I type "Recovery" by going into Start menu and then in the Search box, then I get an option for the "Recovery Disc Creation". So you can also do the same to start making the Recovery Disc. Can you confirm whether you can see anything when you type "Recovery" in the search box?

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    Re: How to create a recovery disk

    I am sorry but am not able to see anything about recovery disk if I type "Recovery" under Start and then in the search box. Do you have any other suggestions and thanks for the replies.

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    If you want to make Recovery disc then follow the below methods:
    1. Click on Start, then All Programs, then Acer Empowering Technology.
    2. Click on Acer eRecovery Management.
    3. If prompted to create a password, create a password and hint.
    4. Do not lose this password.
    5. If asked for a password, enter the previously set password.
    6. When the Acer eRecovery Management loads, click the button labeled Burn Disc.
    7. Click Create Factory default disc.
    8. Follow the instructions and put in the required Blank DVD or Blank CD media to make a set of Recovery Media Discs.

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