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Thread: Vista boot error 0x0000007E

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    Vista boot error 0x0000007E

    I build a new desktop computer using Asus M2N-E Mobo and 4G G-Skill RAM (2 pair of 1G sticks) and installed Windows Vista Ultimate on the same. There was no problem during the installation process but whenever i start the computer I get the above error code (0x0000007E).

    As a troubleshooting I tried removing 1 stick of RAM and surprisingly I wont receive the said error when booting with just 1 stick (2GB) of RAM. Is there any thing like Vista wont work properly with 4GB of RAM?

    Or any other solution to fix this error? Many thanks.

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    Re: Vista boot error 0x0000007E

    I think there is a hotfix from Microsoft for you at KB929777. Just install the same and see if your problem gets solved. Though there is nothing like Vista wont work with 4GB but still if your system is working fine with 2Gb, keep it running with 1 stick.

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    Re: Vista boot error 0x0000007E

    Thanks a lot for the help CoYoTeA. I tried the KB929777 hotfix but it gave me an error message saying it didn't apply to my PC and it wont install. I tried the another fix and it redirected me to Microsoft fix for RAM over 3G. I found two KB929777 downloads over there. One for 32 bit and the other for 64 bit. I downloaded the one for 64 bit and it helped me to solve the problem. Now everything is working fine and no more errors. Thank you very much.

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