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Thread: Windows Installer CleanUp Utility runtime error

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    Windows Installer CleanUp Utility runtime error

    I have installed Easy Media 10 on my Vista based laptop. But as I don’t require it and want to free up some space, I was trying to delete this using Windows Installer CleanUp Utility. But every time I try doing that, it ends up with “EBScript runtime error” and quits.

    Tried getting some help from friends and internet but dint found any. Can anyone here please help me?

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    Hey, I too have very similar problem. Mine is with Windows Installer Cleanup Utility installation itself. Whenever am trying to install this utility, it ends up saying:

    “Error 800A0046 - Permission Denied”

    Any help?

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    I had the same problem in getting the installer cleanup utility to work after i installed it 'Run as Admin'. the errror was somethign like error with server referral.

    Anyway, I fixed it by trying something similar that I did recently to uninstall both Safari and Quick Time (with both would fail through Add/Remove Programs - dang that Apple). Basically, I just enabled and logged as the local Administrator account (disabled by default after installation), then ran the installation. Voi la! Installed easliy and I removed some old apps that didn't have the option to uninstall thought Add/Remove Programs. The Apple stuff just completed their uninstalls as well without error. I still had to delete the file location and listing in the Programs menu.

    And yes, the other account I was previously working under was in the local admins security group. It should of worked. I can't tell you why these things wouldn't work as the other admin account...

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