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Thread: Windows couldn't load WinSetup.dll

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    Windows couldn't load WinSetup.dll

    I was running this Vista ultimate laptop since a year now but due to some problem I needed to reformat. As I donít have the bootable CD am trying to install Vista using flat installation as mentioned in this KB but every time I get an error message saying:

    ďWindows couldn't load required file WinSetup.dll. The file may be corrupt. To install Windows, restart the installation. Error code: 0x45a.Ē

    I tried searching web and Microsoft articles for some help but dint found anything helpful. Do anyone here have any information regarding this error? How can I fix it? Many thanks.

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    Re: Windows couldn't load WinSetup.dll

    First of all I donít know what is meant by CD is not bootable. Because as far as I know all OEM and retail CDs Iíve seen so far are bootable. Why is not yours? Anyways, the reason behind this error message is either faulty disc or faulty drive. You will need to check both of this.

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    Re: Windows couldn't load WinSetup.dll

    I appreciate your reply LeSueur. The fact is even I donít know why this is not bootable CD. I had downloaded Vista ISO from MSDN site and I have universal subscription and burned it on a DVD. So I use to run the installation directly from the ISO. Earlier also I installed this Vista copy in the same way but it is not working this time.

    Can you help please?

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