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Thread: Windows Activation Failed ...... BIOS license ?

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    Windows Activation Failed ...... BIOS license ?

    I’m using Windows Vista on a desktop running with Asus Motherboard with latest BIOS installed. Bust still I keep getting an error message saying:

    “Error code: 0XC004F059
    The Software Licensing Service reported that a license in the computer BIOS is invalid.”

    First of all I don’t know how the BIOS License can be related to Vista but still I contacted Asus and they said it is not their problem and suggested me to contact Microsoft for the same.

    Do you guys have any idea about this?

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    Re: Windows Activation Failed ...... BIOS license ?

    Are you trying to activate using KMS key? Is it OEM product or the retail edition of Vista? Till you reply with this, I found an article describing the same problem on technet. Hope you will get some help for sure. Check it here technet

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    Re: Windows Activation Failed ...... BIOS license ?

    Just check this Microsoft Article;EN-US;931573. It says that the issue may occur if any specific system setting is removed when a program runs with administrative credentials. The removal of this system setting may cause a BIOS validation check to fail. The BIOS validation check is part of the system activation process. Therefore, you may be prompted to activate Windows Vista, even though the system did not previously require activation.

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