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Thread: Acer 5290 Disk Manager Lost Unallocated Disk Space

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    Acer 5290 Disk Manager Lost Unallocated Disk Space

    I bought a new Acer 5290 Laptop that came with Windows Vista preinstalled. There were just two partitions by default, C and D, both with equal size. Now as Windows Donít require so much space, I tried shrinking the partition with 20GB and allocated that 20GB to D drive where I save all my data.

    I went to Disk Management for doing the same and shrinked C drive. Now the problem is though C drive is less 20GB but I cannot see any un allocated space for the same size so that I can add it to D. Any idea where it has gone?

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    Acronis DD suite 10 (vista) works>RE: Acer 5290 Disk Manager Lost

    I think you should better tryout installing Acronis Disk director Suite 10. It is the best application I have used for disk and partition related stuffs. Just install the same, right click on EISA partition, set a drive letter, restart, and the partition will be visible as well as will get manipulable as a basic drive. This will be helpful for you. Just make sure to assign the drive letters carefully.

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