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Installing Vista Upgrade needing SATA RAID drivers

Vista Setup and Install

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Old 13-05-2007
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Installing Vista Upgrade needing SATA RAID drivers

I am trying to upgrade to Windows Vista from Windows XP on my Dell XPS machine and the upgrade advisor tells me that there are no issues with the upgrading and the program will work but if I try to install the upgrade then it will stop at the compatibility check and tell me "You must make the following changes before installing Windows. Close Windows installation and contact the device manufacturer for updated driver software for these devices: SCSI and RAID controllers: Intel(R) 82801ER SATA RAID Controller". I have already updated the BIOS and driver and all the things but the install will still not happen. Can anyone please help me out to solve this issue? Thanks

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Old 13-05-2007
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Re: Installing Vista Upgrade needing SATA RAID drivers

I think that Vista needs to have its drive available at the time of installation because the Vista install is normally a fresh image install followed by an integration of your existing applications and settings that it needs. You can try to follow some below threads on how to do a clean install of Windows Vista using an upgrade install:

How To Clean Install Windows Vista From Upgrade DVD
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Old 16-08-2007
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Follow the below steps to perform Vista Upgrade Installation:
  1. First of all turn your PC on and boot to your current Windows Operating system.
  2. After that once your current operating system has booted insert the Windows Vista DVD into the DVD drive.
  3. Now the DVD will spin and the Vista Installation screen will appear.
  4. Aftet that at the installation screen, press the Install Now button and a Please Wait screen will now appear.
  5. After a few moments a screen will appear asking you to get important updates from the internet. If you are connected to the Internet, select the Yes option. If not then select No.
  6. Next type in your Windows Product code number and Click the Next button
  7. The Windows EULA (End User Licence Agreement) now appears. Accept the licence agreement and Click Next.
  8. In the next window asks Which type of installation do you want. Select Upgrade.
  9. In the next window click the Load Drivers option in the bottom left corner of the window.
  10. Now if you want to install the device driver then you will need to insert the installation media that has come with the RAID/SATA drives and it also contains the relevant driver. This media can be floppy disk, CD/DVD or USB flash drive. Once you have inserted the media into the relevant drive, Click the OK button.
  11. The system will now search the media for the relevant driver(s).
  12. After the search has been completed the driver will appear in the Select the driver to be installed Window.
  13. Select the relevant driver and then click Next and then the driver will now be installed.
  14. Incas you need more than one driver requires to be installed, then you can simply repeat steps 11 to 15 until the necessary drivers have been installed.
  15. After all drivers have been installed, click the Next button to continue installing Windows Vista.
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