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    Vista Theme

    Hi, Iím using Windows Vista desktop. This is just three months old computer. It was working fine so far but from past couple of days whenever I start the system, I donít know why it comes up with the Classic theme (no Aero, nothing). Every time I need to right click desktop and apply the Vista Theme by going into personalize option.

    But same thing happens again when I restart the computer. I donít know why Vista is not saving the settings. Can anyone help me?

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    Re: Vista Theme

    Hope you havenít set your computer to ďAdjust for best performanceĒ under Advanced system properties. This use to disable desktop composition. So what you need to do is Right click My Computer, select properties, Advanced System Settings. Here click on ďSettingsĒ button under Performance and select ďLet Windows Choose whatís best for my computer.Ē Apply > OK. Now go to personalize and select Vista Theme. Thatís it. Hopefully you should not get Classic theme again on Restart.

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