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Thread: acquiring bootsect.exe or Vista install DVD iso image?

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    acquiring bootsect.exe or Vista install DVD iso image?

    I have got an Acer desktop pc that came with Windows Vista OEM version presinstalled on it. There are no DVD or the BOOTSECT.exe utility that came with it that normally solves the boot sectors and also patches them back to Vista's multiboot option that is damaged by other multiboot programs. So, I was wondering if I can download the BOOTSECT.exe from somewhere or the Install DVD of the ISO image of Vista, then it would be great. Thanks for any replies

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    Re: acquiring bootsect.exe or Vista install DVD iso image?

    You can get that file easily from the net, even I can email it to you or upload it on any site and from there you can download it. It is a very small file but there are 2 versions of it, that is either 32bit version of the 64 bit version. You can also check out Microsoft website to download the tools that you are looking for.

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    Thanks for the information. Can you please email me a copy of bootsect.exe file as well, I tried searching on the microsoft website but nowhere I can get the download link for the same file.

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    There is a tool called VistaBootPro that has the bootsect.exe file in it. VistaBootPro also reduces this difficulty, but even with that, there is a need to use one program without the necessary knowledge, as the result of misconfiguration boot sector can be harmful and prevent Windows startup. With VistaBootPro you can edit the boot menu, edit each of your entries, add new ones, adjust the time interval shown that menu or directly delete them.

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