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Thread: error code 0x80070017 with retail vista version

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    error code 0x80070017 with retail vista version

    I bought a Vista Home Premium upgrade version for $150 yesterday. Now while trying to install the same, it reaches till 45% and gives me an error message saying “error code 0x80070017.An error occurred while copying Setup files onto your local machine.”

    So far I have tried searching internet and only found people saying to run disc cleanup, Disc defrag, etc. I did all these things but dint helped. The only thing left is to call Microsoft that will cost me more $59 and I really don’t waste my money anymore.

    Is here anyone who can help me out with this? All helps will be appreciated.

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    Re: error code 0x80070017 with retail vista version

    There could be various reasons for this error message such as faulty installation disk, Faulty physical memory, Incompatible BIOS firmware, incompatible firmware on the DVD/CD drive, etc. Even your antivirus programs can create this problem. So, in order to get this fixed, you will need to check all these things first. Try updating your BIOS and DVD drive firmware, better run Chkdsk.exe once to make sure there is no disk errors on the Windows drive, also try disabling or uninstalling Antivirus programs.

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