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Thread: Vista installation hangs at boot screen

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    Vista installation hangs at boot screen

    I am trying to install Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit on my computer but it seems to hang after the second restart that is after the installation complete and then the setup date and time comes up. There is no hard drive activity when the computer goes to the boot screen where the green bar is loading. I have waited there for almost half a day but still it does not moves from that screen. Even in safe mode it says that setup cant continue in safe mode? Every advance boot options I have tried and nothing seems to be working. The error that I was getting was something like "DIF_FIRSTTIMESETUP failed with 0xE000020E for class { xxx }"). Thats all I know, please help.

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    Have you tried loading the Sata drivers when asked to at the first screen of the setup? If not then try to load it and then check whether the setup hangs or not.

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    Re: Vista installation hangs at boot screen

    The Sata hard drive that I have was detected when Windows told me "Where do you want to install" and then I choose from the list and then didnt load any Sata drivers. Incase if that is the issue then can you tell me how to search for the Sata drivers, that is whether from the motherboard or chipset or hard drive manufacturer? Thanks

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    Can you go into BIOS and check which Sata operating mode is it selected. I think that you need to select AHCI and then try to reinstall Vista. If still that doesnt work then try to disconnect all the usb devices and also all the flash drives and printers and only have the necessary items plugged in like the mouse, keyboard and monitor. After that search for an option called USB Legacy Support in BIOS and then enable it or disable it. Test the installation of Vista after this all things.

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