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Thread: Clean Install using SATA DVD and SATA HDD

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    Clean Install using SATA DVD and SATA HDD

    I have recently build a new computer with Intel Celeron D 3.3 ghz, 1gb ram, samsung sata dvd and Western Digital 250gb Sata hard drive and am ralso having Windows Vista OEM DVD on it. So, I entered Bios setting to use the CD rom as the first boot device and then inserter Vista OEM dvd and then restarted the computer. So, the files started to open as indicated by Windows but after some time I got a message that says a file was missing or corrupt on a path that has the WIndows 32 sub-directory. So I choose the option to inspect the memory and immediately got message that there are some issues with the memory. So, I just turned off the machine and on the next day started with Windows XP install disk and everything went smoothly. The sata hard drive was also formatted and after sometime when I returned, then the installation was asking for a validation key. So, I took out XP disk and then inserted Vista OEM DVd and restarted the machine again. Now the installation was succesfully completed. So it comes into conclusion that if you have a Sata hard drive then it must be formatted before you try to clean install Vista.

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    Re: Clean Install using SATA DVD and SATA HDD

    You can even try to create the valid parition and quick format it with Windows Vista DVD. You can also use the Advanced options on the drive selection screen to do the same.

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    Re: Clean Install using SATA DVD and SATA HDD

    I do not understand what was the problem that you were facing but I want to tell you that the conclusion is not proper at all. I have already done a few clean install on brand new Sata hard drives and have also formatted them at the Vista setup process without any problems.

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    Dave B. Guest
    You can also try to perform a clean boot to troubleshoot a problem in Windows Vista. Just follow the steps given on this website -

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