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Thread: Using LIVE MSN on Windows Vista Pro 32-bit

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    Using LIVE MSN on Windows Vista Pro 32-bit

    I need help to work with MSN Messenger. I cannot go online in it. Whenever I try to go I am getting a DEP fault error. I cannot understand this. I am a bit doubtfull about the same. How can turn this thing off and go online in easy way. I hope there will be some way of doing the same.

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    The issue can be due to Adobe Flash Player. You must update that and then check again. You can also try to re-install MSN Messenger and check back. This is a common issue and can be fixed easily. The error that you are getting is related to Data Execution Prevention. To fix that go in Control Panel > System & Maintenance > System > Advance System Settings > Advance > Performance > Settings > Data Execution Prevention > add msn.exe.

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