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Thread: Required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing

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    Required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing

    I am trying to install Windows Vista OEM on my computer and after when setup boots and the language choice is confirmed, I am getting the following error "Required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing". I have unplugged the plextor sata drives and also used an usb external dvd writer but am still stucked on the same error. I have also disabled the sil1334 controller in bios but still facing the same problem. When I check for drivers in setup then vista has found all the available hard disks. Right now I am on XP Media center and would like to install Vista on Raptor drive. Any help?

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    Re: Required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing

    Have you tried going to the Plextor Support website adn ehcked if there are any firmware updates for the drive that you are using. I was also having same problem with my PX760A EIDE drive and after using some steps to upgrade from 1.04 to 1.06 firmware on the same drive, I was not getting the same error message again. Also, check if there are any BIOS update available for the motherboard that you are using.

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    Re: Required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing

    I have the updated 712sa software for the Plextor drive that I am using but after that I used a sony or nec dvd Pata writer to install Windows Vista on my computer without any issues. Now, the installation of Windows Vista is going good on my pc. Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing

    Nice to hear that you have solved the issue. Incase if anyone else is still having the same problem then they can also use the below method to fix it:

    1. Run the DVD on a different computer to determine whether the DVD works correctly.
    2. Test your DVD drive by using an official Windows installation DVD.
    3. Attach the ISO file to a virtual machine to check whether it is corrupted.

    More information here -

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