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Thread: Activation error code 0x8007232B

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    Activation error code 0x8007232B

    Hey guys, am facing very strange problem while activating my Vista MSDN Copy and need some urgent help regarding the same. Whenever I try activating my system, I get an error message saying “DNS name does not exist.” I have seen this error for very first time and I don’t know how is it related to the activation process.

    First I thought it could be the website problem but its been 6 days am trying to do it and yet the same problem. Let me tell you that there is no problem with my internet connection. It is working fine.

    Is there anyone who can help me with this?

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    Re: Activation error code 0x8007232B

    First of all I would like to know whether you are using KMS or MAK key? If it is KMS then you will need an activation server if so, and at least 25 machines to activate. And if it is MAK than you should have the volume licenses. Reply back.

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    It seems to be a fairly common error that springs up on a number of different Vista installs, and will potentially happen on Server 2008 installs too.

    I did a write-up about the nature of the problem at if you want to check it out.

    Basically your two options are to change your key or activate by phone.

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    Re: Activation error code 0x8007232B

    According to the error message and your situation, even I feel that you are using KMS for activation. Hence you should first configure a system that will host the KMS service and then publish the settings for the DNS. Once done, change your product key from KMS to MAK and try activating using this key. It should help.

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