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Thread: Installation BSOD STOP 5C -

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    Installation BSOD STOP 5C -

    Iím having a desktop with ECS RC410L/800-MGF Motherboard, Intel D 945 processor, 2G Patriot PC4200 RAM, and 400G SATA Seagate . I already have Windows XP running on this computer and now want to dual boot it with Windows Vista.

    When I run the setup and it goes fine upto ďExpanding FilesĒ but here it suddenly gives Blue Screen with the following message:

    ďSTOP: 0x0000005C (0x0000010B,0x00000003,0x00000000,0x00000000)Ē

    My configurations seems ok for running Vista, I also tried running Memory Test and found everything OK, then what is the cause of problem? Any idea?

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    Re: Installation BSOD STOP 5C -

    So far I have seen this Stop Error many times with vista and in most of the cases it use to be because of bad hardware. Anyways, as of now the oly thing I can suggest you is to try changing your power savings to either ASPI or ASAPI from BIOS. This helped to fix the said stop error in many cases.

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    Re: Installation BSOD STOP 5C -

    I appreciate your help friend but doesnít seems to be working in my case. Iíve tried almost all combinations of pwer settings but none of them worked.

    Any other help please?

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    It's the motherboard....


    I have an ECS RC410L/800M, and received the same message while trying to install Vista. I have swapped out memory, hard drives, flashed the BIOS, and even swapped motherboards (it was the same model, though). All of these items were new. Apparently, the BIOS upgrade addressed a few early issues, except Vista compatibility. I tried every possible BIOS setting change, with no luck.

    Unless ECS comes up with another BIOS flash, I guess the answer will be to switch to another motherboard, or go with XP.


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    Re: Installation BSOD STOP 5C -

    Well the best i can suggest is to go with XP Pro because VISTA doesn't let you change out much of anything without barking up some sort of trash.

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