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Thread: Error code: 0x80070001

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    Error code: 0x80070001

    I am getting Error code: 0x80070001 saying "windows cannot access the required file D:\Sources\Install.wim" when i am trying to make a clean installation of windows vista rc1 on my system. I have restarted the installation process several times but i am getting same error again and again. Can any one help me fixing this out??

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    RE: Error code: 0x80070001

    I am running in to same issue, i have downloaded iso image twice and have burned it to new dvd thinking that there might be something wrong with the first iso image that i had installed but its not. I am getting same error message with my new dvd as well. I have formatted my hard drive completely for making clean installation, I also wanted to add that i have explored dvd and i can see Install.wim but i don't know why i am getting that error message while installing vista. Did you found an answer for this Wooody ?

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    RE: Error code: 0x80070001

    Either something is wrong with the dvd you have burned of there is something wrong with your cd rom lens because of which it is not able to real install.wim file which is must for installation. Since you have mentioned that you have tried using another dvd, i will suggest you to try out the installation on some other working machine and check out if it i working there. If it works then as i said there might be something wrong with your cd rom lens.

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    Re: Error code: 0x80070001

    hi all ..i had the same error code --the error code 0x80070001 means that your disc is dirty or the lens on your dvd drive...i had the same problem i clean my disc & lens on the dvd drive ..and now vista install went in without any problems .hope this helps others...hail hail

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