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Thread: Windows Vista drivers for FastTrak 376/378

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    Windows Vista drivers for FastTrak 376/378

    I am looking for drivers for a onboard raid controller. I had upgraded to Windows Vista. The motherboard that I am using is nforce 2. I am trying to find some working third party drivers but somehow not able to get the right edition. I need vista drivers to configure the raid controller.

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    You should try searching the same on web. I am sure there would be some support available for the same. Check the same once through Windows Update also. There are rare chances that it would work properly if you get a relative driver. You can also try to use XP drivers on it through compatibility mode.

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    There is nothing you can do if you cannot find the right drivers. There would be less chances of making this work properly. Try to the official driver cd that you go with the motherboard. Try using the same. I hope while installing driver it might take some compatible driver from the cd itself. Or else you will need to switch back on older operating system.

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