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Thread: No Audio Device Output is installed in Vista

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    No Audio Device Output is installed in Vista

    After Vista upgrade I am getting a no sound issue on my HP L2000 laptop. I cannot understand why it is not able to locate my sound card. Whenever I check in Device Manager I found that there is no audio device found. The volume properties are also grayed out. Things work well on XP. I need some help here.

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    I am also having a Gateway laptop. I wiped out XP and install Windows Vista. I thought this would be better offering a much better way to get newer interface. But somehow the problem lies with Vista only. It is not happy to work with older hardware and there is no drivers available at all. Many said that installing XP drivers will also do. But that is not the right thing. The drivers will not be working well.

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    It is plain of issue of outdated drivers. It is necessary that you must find a proper driver edition or else it might not work well. You can try to visit the official website of HP and locate right Vista drivers. Windows Update can help you here, but there are very less chances that it really works.

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    This fix worked for me with Vista.

    The key is to uninstall the device as well as the driver exactly as noted above. I learn something new everyday.

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    So, i'm having the same problem, did an upgrade (KB952709), and then next thing I know my sound doesn't work 'No Audio Autput Device is installed'. I tried installing the upgrade (KB929685), but when i'm about to install it, it says the update does not apply to my system. My sound still doesn't work, and it's really getting on my nerves. Please help!

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    re: No Audio Device Output is installed in Vista

    Had the same problem with an eMachine and a Realtek sound card but this will work with any card you have. The issue is Vista's requirement for drivers to be Signed in a specific manner. Here's how to get around it:

    Download the latest driver for your sound card to your PC
    Uninstall the existing driver from the control panel/Programs section if it's there and/or from the Device Driver screen
    Restart the PC and hit F8 to get the boot menu before vista starts loading
    Select the option to boot without Driver Signing requirement
    when the PC starts it will install a generic driver and the sound should be back
    install the driver you downloaded in step 1 above
    Restart once again and you should be as good as new
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