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Thread: Do stored emails use up disk space?

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    Do stored emails use up disk space?

    Hello friends, i wanted to know if stored emails take disk space? I am planning to delete all unnecessary files which are there on my hard drive, so that i can make space for new programs. I see yahoo folder on my hard drive and i am not sure if i should delete it or not.I am having a lot of mail on my yahoo mail account and i don't want to loose them so i wanted to clear out my doubt from you all.

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    Re: Do stored emails use up disk space?

    Let me tell you that the emails are been stored at the mail providers server not on the hard drive which you are using it. You will be having the yahoo folder on your hard drive. If you are thinking that the emails are been stored on your hard drive then it is not like that. I would suggest that you clean the temp files to remove the junk on your hard drive. If you wanted to use a software for that then you can use CCleaner, which is good for cleaning temp files. Many of the user have tried it and it good.

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    Re: Do stored emails use up disk space?

    If you are using any of the email client then emails will be be stored on hard drive, such as the Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird and many more. If you are not using any of them then you should try the CCLeaner software, it will make some space and which space will be available is not been used by email.

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