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Thread: Windows Vista not installing from recovery disk

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    Windows Vista not installing from recovery disk

    I am not able to install windows vista ultimate from my prebuild recovery disk. I am having a HP pavilion laptop since upgrading it to windows vista i am not able to terminate any processes any application from task manager. My friends had suggested me to reinstall vista. I have tried booting from recovery disk and it starts with the applications window but it doesn't proceed further. So I am here to know what might be causing that? Along with that i also like to know other ways of installing windows vista, if anyone is having any suggestion or information regarding this issue then input it freely. Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Windows Vista not installing from recovery disk

    Rather than reinstalling windows i will suggest you to repair widows, i think doing that will be a better idea. If you are having windows installation disk then just insert into the CD ROM drive and start pressing f8 from your keyboard. Once your system gets booted with installation disk then choose windows repair option. You might be prompted for admin password so enter it and proceed with further simple on screen instruction for completing the process. I think that repair windows should fix the issue you are facing.

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    Re: Windows Vista not installing from recovery disk

    Yes you can also load eth operating system in your machine by windows vista installation program, just store the installation file into any location of your machine, double click on installation icon. It will first ask you for windows permission, make the permission, and start installation process, after that it will direct you to select "eth drive" where you like to install the program, if you are willing to replace the existing operating system then select existing operating system installed drive and run the process. It will first format the drive and then will install windows vista in you. Reboot you machine after completion of installation process, and then install those software applications required by you.

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    Re: Windows Vista not installing from recovery disk

    I have faced similar issue in my machine after installing windows vista OS, the machine has stopped responding for some of the application program, few of them are Photoshop, Microsoft office tool, and also some of the games are not running. For gaming I have tried installing latest graphics driver but the same problem is occurring again. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling mentioned software but no avail. My friends had suggested me to install eth operating system in my machine, i did the same but i got same response for those software's. I can’t understand this problem. Is there anyone having any information regarding this?

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    Re: Windows Vista not installing from recovery disk

    I just wanted to know if you have installed recommended windows update? if not then make sure that you are installing them now and see if things are working fine after that. You should also reboot your system after installing updates so that they can take affect.

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    Re: Windows Vista not installing from recovery disk

    if i dont have a recovery disk or a instalation disk is it possible to hook my other laptop up to the one that want boot up and let it fix it some how the one that works has windows seven and the one that dont has windows vista

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    Re: Windows Vista not installing from recovery disk

    That is quiet not possible. The process you are talking about is called Lan boot. But for that also you need a working system and your laptop is not working. You can try to borrow Windows disc from any of your friend or any one a bootable disc of Windows and run restore option. Another thing if you want your data backup then you can use LiveCD or any disc of Ubuntu operating system and get your data on any secure place like usb.

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