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Thread: Memory Management blue screen error

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    Memory Management blue screen error

    I am having Acer Aspire 4720Z laptop and i am getting blue screen randomly saying "Memory Management error" When i am playing games or videos. I have tried using windows memory diagnostics for testing out the ram and i dint found and thing wrong with them. I have recently made a clean installation of Windows vista home premium 32 bits, things were working fine until now. This "Memory Management error" has started occurring since 2 days, it just not stays on screen rather reboot my laptop as well, i dont know what to do, is there anyone who can help me out?

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    I will suggest you to download and install bootable memory testing utility from this site , run memtest and check out if your memory is able to sustain repeated utilization.Post back the result you get for the test so that i can have better idea of your case.

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    I wanted to know if you have made any changes i your laptop recently? i mean if you have installed any kind of hardware or software? Since you have mentioned that things were working fine until now, this error is surely occurring because of some recent changes. Just try remembering it and post back for further help.

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    I have sorted out the issue my self, i tried remembering the changes ive made and found that i had installed 512 RAM over factory 2 gb ram. I think something something is going with newly installed ram, i just took it out rebooted my system and i am not getting "Memory Management error" anymore. I dont have another working laptop to check if there is actually something wrong with the ram, i will test it out later in my friends laptop. I wanted to add that the new ram is not similar to the ram installed in my laptop, it is of other company, can that be an issue?

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    Re: Memory Management blue screen error

    I dont think that ram from different package might result in to any kind of issue if they are from different package unless they have different speeds. I had faced same error once when i had installed another 1 GB ram in my system, even though when they were from same package. I think that your new ram might have turned out faulty. I cant think of anything else rather than that which might be causing "Memory Management error"

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