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Thread: dual monitors: different background display possible?

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    dual monitors: different background display possible?

    I have got an Nvidia graphics card and have also got 2 monitors and these both monitors I have set to mode "Configure indepedently from each other (Dualview)." All the things working properly except the both the monitors use the same wallpaper? So I was wondering how to change the background display for each of the monitor? Thanks for any help

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    Re: dual monitors: different background display possible?

    You can get something like DisplayFusion which is a unique application, and also comes for free and is very effective! DisplayFusion has been developed to address many issues and it will simplify the dual-screen in short. You can change wallpaper also when you have two monitors, you can set two images on both the monitor! This free application allows you to select a wallpaper lying on both devices, or choose a different wallpaper for each monitor.

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    Re: dual monitors: different background display possible?

    Download UltraMon which is an application that will allow you to enjoy dual monitor as well. Without using UltraMon the double screen usage will only allow drag and drop windows features on your second screen. Ultramon offers you the opportunity to have the functions of your desktop on both screens. You'll understand that this application is designed to optimize the functionality of Windows multiscreen. With the extension of the taskbar on the secondary display, you can finally manage how windows get larger, and are reduced and minimized between monitors. In addition, with a single click, you will be able to choose the positioning of the applications according to your needs.
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