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Thread: Can't access E-machines T5062 recovery partition

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    Can't access E-machines T5062 recovery partition

    I had done some changes in the system. There was a bit issue with the registry changes I ha done recently. I have to format the system completely as Vista is not at all stable. There is a recovery partition in my system. I had seen that at the time or purchase. But I forgot to create a recovery dvd for the same. Now the problem lies with restoring my system. I cannot restore it. The recovery is not working.

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    Go in Disk Management and check that you can find the hidden recovery manager. If that partition is available then there are still chances of getting your system back on track. If that is not visible or not available then you had lost it. There are some set of key combination that you have to press on boot to launch recovery. I will advice you to follow the same.

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