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Thread: Regress from "RAID-Ready" or AHCI to IDE

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    Regress from "RAID-Ready" or AHCI to IDE

    Iím using Windows Vista SP1 64bit OS. Since last two days I was trying to find out how can I regress, revert, or go back from a "RAID-Ready" or even AHCI setup to a plain old IDE setup. Finally I came through a Microsoft article describing the same here for going from IDE to AHCI. Well thatís fine, but is there any way going reverse, I mean from AHCI to IDE ? I dint found anything for this on internet as well hence came here for you guys help.

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    Re: Regress from "RAID-Ready" or AHCI to IDE

    I had the same problem on my motherboard with AMD 785G chipset. I set it to AHCI during Windows install, but the drivers for this chipset have a problem coming out of stand-by with AHCI configurations, so I wanted to revert back to IDE.

    First I set two of the SATA ports to native IDE, so it would at least install the drivers for IDE. This went fine. Then I changed the driver for the AHCI standard storage controller to the "standard dual channel IDE controller" driver. Then I switched over the previously AHCI configured drive to an IDE port, but the system wouldn't boot. After having tried several things with Windows system restore and trying the last known good configuration setting, it wouldn't boot, complaning about a missing bootmgr. Then I simply tried to set all SATA ports to native IDE and it al worked. So I don't think any drivers are necessary; what I did wasn't needed. I guess going to IDE is more simple than vice versa.

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