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Thread: How can you load Vista using the XP bootloader (boot.ini)?

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    How can you load Vista using the XP bootloader (boot.ini)?

    I need some help here to use Windows XP bootloader to load Vista. Is that possible. Rightnow on my system there are two partitions. Both are NTFS. The operating system that I am using rightnow is Windows XP. Now when I installed Vista, it replaced the XP bootloader and added its own. This is the new one. I just want to hide one partition which has Vista and use XP bootloader to point Vista boot. I hope you will be able to understand what I am trying to do here.

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    Why you want to do that. Vista bootloader is fine. I think what you are asking is more complicated. You must have installed Vista first and then Windows XP. That would have make difference. There are some third party software that can help you to manage dual boot system. One of them is EasyBCD. This software is capable of giving you option for controlling bootloader. You can also hide a OS through the same.

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