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Thread: Vista Repair Install

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    barrowhill Guest

    Vista Repair Install

    In wanting to do a repair install (keeping existing programs etc), on running
    Recovery CD, I get the message............

    "Upgrade has been disabled vand cannot be started. To upgrade, cancel the
    installation and then choose to upgrade to a version of windows that is more
    recent than the versiopn you are currently running"

    I'm running Vista Home Premium (fully updated) but suspecting that I may
    have a problem, I thought I could do a repair install but it seems all I can
    do is either a clean install and thus lose everything or upgrade to I assume
    Business or Ultimate Editions of Vista. Why can't I do a repair install from
    Vista Recovery CD????

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    Mark L. Ferguson Guest

    Re: Vista Repair Install

    You have installed SP1, and the repair media is without that. Uninstall SP1
    and run the repair.


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    John Barnett MVP Guest

    Re: Vista Repair Install

    See this link from my website:

    Pay particular attention to the 'important update' paragraph at the top of
    the page.

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    barrowhill Guest

    RE: Vista Repair Install


    Thanks for feedback. Explains it all. Most Grateful.

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    John Barnett MVP Guest

    Re: Vista Repair Install

    You're Welcome!


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    Spirit Guest

    Re: Vista Repair Install

    Explorer in Vista has been plagued with problems and only a few have
    been fixed in SP1.

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    tomfrank Guest

    Re: Vista Repair Install

    I had similar problem... MS Support said I can not do a repir install
    with original install disk if I had SP1 installed and original CD did
    not have it. They told me to uninstall SP1 first, then try the upgrade
    repair install. But I could not get SP1 to uninstall... it locked up.
    They sent me a new system install disk with SP1 on it, but it also
    crashes shortly after starting with error 0xC0000005 "verify
    installation sources are accessible & retry" Huh? Still trying to get
    MS to find a work around... my reply email to them bounces... takes a
    week to get a reply. FRUSTRATING. I'm about ready to do a full new
    install, but the computer is functioning OK for the things I need... I
    just cannot get some new updates from MS to install.

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