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Thread: Can't open Hotmail msgs, "javascript;" @ lower left

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    Klangpup Guest

    Can't open Hotmail msgs, "javascript;" @ lower left

    I have two login accounts on my Vista: one Administrative and one Standard
    user. The Standard user is for my sister. Recently (about 3 days ago) when
    I logged in to the Standard user account, I could sign on to Hotmail but I
    could not open any messages in Hotmail. There is a message showing
    "javascript;" at the lower left corner in the browser bar.

    I tried to uninstall Java and reinstalled the latest version on
    The problem remains. I also tried to delete the Standard user and recreated
    the account as I previously did a few months ago with a similar problem.
    This time it is not working. I also tried to right click and "open in new
    window" for some specific e-mail messages, nothing moved. The strange thing
    is if I use my Administrative account to access Hotmail, I could open the

    Could someone please share your expertise and solutions on how to solve this
    problem? I would greatly appreciate your help.

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    Mark L. Ferguson Guest

    Re: Can't open Hotmail msgs, "javascript;" @ lower left

    Some of the *.DBX files for her account are probably corrupt. Use the File
    menu of OE for 'Identities', with her account, to create a new identity, and
    see if it works. If so, trying to Import the old identity messages might be

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    Klangpup Guest

    Re: Can't open Hotmail msgs, "javascript;" @ lower left

    I am assuming OE stands for Outlook Express. I am experiencing the problems
    in Internet Explorer with the web-based Hotmail...Please further advise if
    you have fixes. Thank you so much for your reply.

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    Mark L. Ferguson Guest

    Re: Can't open Hotmail msgs, "javascript;" @ lower left

    There might be a corrupt cookie, or perhaps a security setting against
    JavaScript use. IE, Tools menu, Options, 'Security', 'Advanced' and
    'Privacy' tabs.

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