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Thread: Diablo II + Vista = Lag

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    olmstead462 Guest

    Diablo II + Vista = Lag

    Hello I have a problem! I have windows vista on my pc and I started playing
    d2 again and I get terrible delays when on Single Player works

    Basically I get random lag spikes when doing almost anything. Picking up
    items, teleporting, clicking on portals just about anything you can imagine.

    What I have done so far...

    -Used all compadibility modes and other settings under the .exe properties
    of the game.
    -Updated Drivers.
    -Ran in Window Mode.
    -Used both video modes and even glide wrapper.
    -Installed XP on Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (Still getting the lag)

    There is a ton more stuff I did I just cannot think of it all right now.

    I have good FPS in game and my PING is good as well. SO WTF LOL

    The game will work fine for maye 5-30 seconds then get a spike or maybe it
    will spike all the time its random.

    My Specs
    Asus Notebook g2s
    2gigs ram
    geforce 8600m
    intel core-duo 2.2ghz
    OS Vista Home Premium 32bit

    I would just install xp and wipe vista but I think it will be hard to get
    drivers for my notebook.

    Please help!

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    Andy [YaYa] Guest

    Re: Diablo II + Vista = Lag

    New computer, old game. painful, but what can ya do?

    Virtual PC is not the way to go, Basically that'll limit your game to a
    Trident Trio 64 video card (no DirectX support, which Diablo doesn't
    really need, but lets just say, it's a bad card).

    Upgrade to SP1.
    Contact Blizzard tech support for assistance.

    If you're only getting lag when playing online, then maybe it's not your
    computer, maybe it's just your connection, or one of the 10-20 computers
    between your laptop and the server. If using wireless, try a wired
    connection. Drop your router, might help. (Different address now, but it'll take you to
    the same site) has great speed tests to check and make sure your
    internet connection is running OK.

    Check that, maybe your network connection to blizzard is assNballs.

    (new word)

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    WillStro Guest

    Re: Diablo II + Vista = Lag

    I know some people have trouble running DII on vista, I've never had a

    I would just make sure your running it as an administrator, and
    possible in Windows XP SP2 mode. However since your running the game
    fine and its just lag on it very well could be your connection.
    Like Andy said, try a wired connection and see if that does anything for

    Also make sure when your playing you don't have any large downloads
    going or no one on you network is torrenting.


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    xclozedx Guest

    Re: Diablo II + Vista = Lag

    i've been having the same problem. I've tried hooking it up to direct
    line, not using wireless and it's the same thing. I've got an old
    computer at home that's on same internet connection as laptop. It's
    running windows xp sp2 and no problems at all so it's gotta be something
    with vista i just can't figure out what.


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    FrozenEclipse Guest

    Re: Diablo II + Vista = Lag

    It would be pretty bad if you downgraded to an inferior operating system
    just to play ONE GAME. You could at least dual-boot. That said though, I
    love Diablo II and never had any trouble playing it on Vista. I just set
    compatibility mode to XP SP2 and checked where it says disable desktop
    composition. I don't play it on though so who knows.


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    Andy [YaYa] Guest

    Re: Diablo II + Vista = Lag

    Call your ISP and ask them to give you a direct link to an OC3 pipe, that
    should help.

    As I recall I could never play Diablo 2 for too long (think hours) without
    the performance degrading. Solution was to simply restart the game.
    Win98SE, 2K, XP, and Vista, same thing.

    Good luck, D3 might be out in a year or 3.

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    Andy [YaYa] Guest

    Re: Diablo II + Vista = Lag as I stated above, tends to degrade over time. Restarting the
    game occasionally (between Baal runs) tends to fix it, albiet temporarily.


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