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Thread: Error loading Run dll

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    Kevin Guest

    Error loading Run dll

    After getting a virus, which I believe I have gotten cleaned up(but not 100%
    sure), I am getting an error message on reboot. Error loading
    C:\Windows\system32\tuvSkHbB.dll, module could not be found. Click ok and
    all seems to operate fine. Can I just replace this file and if so where do I
    get it, or do I have a larger problem? Thanks, Kevin

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    Nonny Guest

    Re: Error loading Run dll

    The error message clearly states that the file doesn't exist, so
    replacing it... well, how you gonna replace something that doesn't

    Googling that file gets nothing. It no doubt was something the virus
    installed and your cleanup got rid of it, but not the registry entry
    pointing to it.

    If you are comfortable going into the registry...

    Create a restore point.

    Click the Start orb

    Click Run

    type in regedit




    type the name of the file into the dialog box (be accurate)

    Delete the entry it finds

    Tap F3 to continue the search

    repeat as necessary until done.

    It's doubtful that anything will go wrong, but you created a restore
    point so you can go back if you have to.

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    Patrick Keenan Guest

    Re: Error loading Run dll

    The problem is that the antivirus program removed the malware, but not the
    load reference. Open msconfig, the Startup tab, and look for the
    "tuvSkHbB.dll" reference. Note where it appears, then go there and delete
    that reference. Or, simply disable that line.

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