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Thread: No CD crack (Ironman)

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    Wizard of OCD Guest

    No CD crack (Ironman)

    I'm having a problem with the Iron man CD. Sega knows that there is a
    problem with the cd and the game.

    anyone suggest a virus free no CD crack. Or a program that will bypass
    the CD for any game??

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    Frenchy Guest

    Re: No CD crack (Ironman)

    Get it here. Very reliable and never seen a virus from the cracks here


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    C Lepore Guest

    Re: No CD crack (Ironman)


    I have had a similiar problem with Battlefield 2, and that I am simply too
    lazy to keep getting out my
    DVD to play each time.

    The following tools allow you to mount an ISO, from the hard drive, which
    will allow you to play disc free:

    Hope it helps!

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    Patrician Guest

    Re: No CD crack (Ironman)

    For the above to work you will still need a No CD/DVD Crack as when you copy
    the CD/DVD to an ISO you break the copy protection.


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    Dustin Harper Guest

    Re: No CD crack (Ironman)

    You might try making an ISO of the game and mounting the ISO with
    DaemonTools or other program. Of course, there are legality issues with CD
    cracks and emulating CD drives and the images... But, if the game doesn't
    work correctly, it doesn't work. I've found that copy protection is usually
    the cause of a lot of problems. And the people with the issues are the ones
    that legitamately purchased the game...

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