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Thread: Vista Audio Solution - What You Hear

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    Robert Neville Guest

    Vista Audio Solution - What You Hear

    Many of you may have been as frustrated as myself by Micrsoft bowing to the RIAA
    and pressuring the soundcard manufacturers to remove the "What You Hear" feature
    from their drivers. This supposedly prevents you from recording web radio and
    other sound card audio.

    The short term workaround has been to loop the line out audio back around into
    the line in jack. While this works, it's a kludge.

    The good news is that Version 7 of Total Recorder (just released) now comes with
    a true kernal mode driver that restores the capability to do direct recordings.

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    Cameron Snyder Guest
    That is an interesting scenario about the RIAA pressuring manufacturers of
    sound cards and Microsoft. Sounds like the ranting of a disgruntled
    copyright violator. I think you made it up or listened to someone else who
    made it up.

    You can still record what you hear and the kludge of patching a cable to
    line-in was never required. It's now called stereo mix. It only has to be
    enabled and set up as a recording source as it and several others are
    disabled by default. I wonder if that was due to pressure from the RIAA?
    Only after approval of homeland security.

    Right-click speaker icon, choose recording source, right click blank space
    in window, choose show disabled devices.

    Maybe you are using digital spdif output?? Only other thought is that your
    driver/hardware is not providing you the virtual input sources. I have
    onboard Realtek AC '97 Audio, Driver 10/2006, digital output capable but not
    enabled. This is not a high-end or recent set up. Recording sources
    available are virtual(Stereo Mix, Mono Mix) Actual(CD/Video in, Aux/line in
    2, Line in, phone line and Microphone).

    This is irrelevant, but in XP the same hardware that said 'what you hear'
    now in Vista says 'Stereo Mix'. Moot moot moot.The point is you need to
    enable the source you can't use. If there is no source for you to enable
    fine, your hardware sucks. It's not a Vista/Mcrsft/RIAA edict that caused

    Actually, this works with the most recent driver as well, it's just that
    Windows Update kept nagging me with this version of the driver even when I
    had a newer version installed. Since there is no functional difference for
    me between the versions, like with any nag, I say OK, fine.

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    Steve Thackery Guest

    Re: Vista Audio Solution - What You Hear

    Doesn't work for me. Still no "stereo mix". :-(

    I'd love to get this working - it's a damn nuisance at the moment. Any
    other thoughts?

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    Robert Neville Guest
    Nice try, but there is no standard name for capturing a recording source, Stereo
    Mix, Wave Out, What You Hear and other names have all been used by various sound
    card manufacturers.

    This only works for certain older RealTek drivers. In some cases, people have
    been sucessful in installing XP drivers in Vista. This is obviously not a good
    long term solution.

    That's the generic Windows driver. You should also see something labeled High
    Definition Audio CODEC. The codec is the one you want to look at.

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    V Green Guest

    Re: Vista Audio Solution - What You Hear

    Not true. If you dig down, WAAYY down, to the sound system chipset
    specs, you will find that the HARDWARE is, and has always been,
    capable of this. It is a choice that is made to write a driver
    that does not fully support the hardware that does away with the
    capability. If the sound hardware is working AT ALL, it is likely
    capable of a loopback record within itself (i.e. - not requiring you to
    patch Line Out to Line In [aka Full Duplex]).

    AFAIK, "What U Hear" is Creative's name for this, other names
    (Stereo Mix) seem to apply to Sound Max, Analog Devices, and others
    using the 'AC97 chipsets. Creative tends to use their own silicon
    (or at least used to - I haven't used their stuff in years since the Live!
    hardware debacle of several years ago) and do things their own way.

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    Steve Thackery Guest

    Re: Vista Audio Solution - What You Hear

    Thanks, Cameron. My list of recording devices is completely different:
    microphone, microphone, line in, SPDIF (disabled).

    Playback devices are: speakers, headphones, SPDIF (disabled).

    Obviously no virtual inputs at all.

    I'm not sure what actual chipset I've got on this motherboard. In Device
    Manager it just calls it "High Definition Audio Device" and gives a driver
    version of 6.0.6000.16386.

    I can make a little loopback device for now, but I would like to chase it
    down if possible.

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    Cameron Snyder Guest
    Wow the formatting was all jacked up, sorry. Try it again

    Well there you go. A rose truly is a rose no matter what you call it and you
    can obviously record what you hear as well with a SoundBlaster card in

    My SB Audigy on Vista Home Premium 32 bit also has "what you hear" available
    as a recording input.

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    Nonny Guest

    Re: Vista Audio Solution - What You Hear

    Are you talking about a particular audio card? On my system (I bought
    a PCI Soundblaster audio card because my Realtek drivers weren't fully
    Vista compatible) it's "What you hear".

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    gigma40 Guest

    Re: Vista Audio Solution - What You Hear

    these sites no longer work. Have tried several times and still the same
    result. Is it possible to correct this so we can access this most valuable
    info propvider by our esteemed comrade.cheers gig

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    Bob Dobbs Guest

    No It's True!!!

    The RIAA has been pressuring manufacturers. I haven't heard of them pressuring Microsoft though. This is not a disgruntled copyright infringer. The RIAA is putting pressure wherever they can. Manufacturers like sony and connexant admit that this is the cause that their products dont have this stereo out mix. However, in some rare cases, there is an issue with windows Vista that causes an issue. But ultimately, the blame is put on the hardware manufacturer's drivers not working in vista.

    Your method works if you have a device that does not require a driver that has the stereo-out mix feature taken out. As an active IT professional and support technician, I can clearly say this RIAA thing is true. On some dell computers, people have done registry tweaks and used LG drivers to resolve the issue. However, connexant audio devices don't always have a solution besides using a patch cable (Especially in Vista). Some can use software to develop a makeshift stereo out mix, but those solutions usually only work in windows XP. The software grabs the audio before it hits the sound card by creating a virtual sound card in between and then the virtual card can send the audio wherever it wants.

    The problem with this method is that Vista is not friendly about unsigned drivers and most of this software uses unsigned drivers to work. I am still looking for the solution for my laptop, but the only solution I have found so far is buying a new audio card that does support stereo-out mix in vista. Realtek and a few others have this feature still in their devices, and next generation connexant cards may have it again as well. I am not sure, but we will see what happens when connexant releases their new audio hardware come September of this year.

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    Kevin Harper Guest
    We are losing sound quality when we use microphone to speaker loop as described on your email to egghead site dated 31 May 2008. We are looking to capture both video and audio within the same file.

    Are you aware of a solution or is there a multi-sound card driver (what you hear)for vista and or XP without using the loop and without downloading drivers for every sound card?

    Your help will be very much appreciated

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    Malke Guest

    Re: what you hear driver

    Egghead is a web interface that scrapes Usenet posts. Since most of the
    regular helpers like me use real newsreaders to access Usenet newsgroups,
    no one has any idea what you're talking about. This means that you can't
    get the help you want. The best way of accessing newsgroups is by using a
    real newsreader, which is very easy to set up. If you don't want to do
    that, the "How To Post" section below will give you links showing what
    details you need to include in order to get help.

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    Arizona AKA Lake of Fire

    Re: Vista Audio Solution - What You Hear

    This is the strangest thread i think I've seen in some time. I'm pretty sure the lack of the soundloop, 'what u hear', or 'speaker out', or whatever you call it is a combination of new 64bit drivers and the new audio architecture in Windows starting with Vista.

    I have a soundblaster audigy and it has it's signed 64bit driver from Creative and the soundloop for recording is simply NOT present, no matter what name you give it. And yes, I've instructed the Sound Control Panel to reveal all the devices.

    The initial poster, starter of this thread has at least one point correct. A driver is needed to provide the soundloop ability. Or ones driver must already have that ability. The 32bit drivers which were created for some for use in XP, are usually usable in Vista 32bit. However, for some undisclosed reason it is simply a function which was not included in the 64bit versions of the signed drivers.

    The reason some tools which are free don't have drivers which have that function, is because getting signed drivers is a process and i believe it does cost money. Which makes it hard for free projects to implement soundloop drivers.

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    Re: Vista Audio Solution - What You Hear

    I am having a similar difficulty with Vista audio, no stereo mix option, it is 32bit, it is not revealed by show disabled devices.

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    Jon Guest

    Re: Vista Audio Solution - What You Hear

    Did you scroll down with the scroll bars? It's at the foot of the list here.

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