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Thread: D-Link DIR-655 Wireless problems

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    Dag Magnus Bardal Guest

    D-Link DIR-655 Wireless problems

    Okey, so here's the deal.

    I have a 16.000kbps ADSL2+ broadband,
    and a D-Link DIR-655 Wireless Router connected to it.

    Currently I have a laptop, a stationary computer, and my xbox 360 connected
    to it. All wireless.

    Everything is fine when I have only one connected at a time,
    but when I connect my stationary and my xbox 360 at the same time, it seems
    like I get a crash somewhere now and then, and I cant figure out what it is.

    When I logon COD4 to play, I get 'connection interrupted' every.. ~15-30min,
    wich causes me to go offline.

    When I download anything on my stationary, it seems like the internet
    connection 'goes down', or 'hangs' for ~20secs.
    That would be the same problem on both systems (x360 and PC).

    I have tried to lock an IP to their MAC-Adresses, so an IP-Conflict could
    not be possible.

    I have UPNP enabled, and all ports etc.
    Still this is happening.

    Anyone got any ideas?
    Would be appriciated alot

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    Mick Murphy Guest

    RE: D-Link DIR-655 Wireless problems

    1 Do you have the latest Firmware for your Router?
    2 The latest Network Adaptor Drivers?
    3 Try unbinding(untick) TCP/IPv6 in Network Connections, as it can cause
    probs with some ISPs.

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    Kerry Brown Guest

    Re: D-Link DIR-655 Wireless problems

    I'm using the same router. It is very fast and stable. I did have to upgrade
    the firmware to version 1.11 before it worked properly. I was having similar
    problems to yours.

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    Dag Magnus Bardal Guest
    Aye, I've upgraded the firmware a few times.
    The newest atm is like 1.11eu2 or whatev, wich came out in 2008.
    However, when I upgrade to it (it does say 1.11EU on,
    it says that the firmware is from 2007.
    Might just be that they didnt update the date inside the firmware tho.

    And yes, I got the newest drivers for my wireless.
    Tried the IPv6 trick as well, didnt do the trick :\

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    Garrett McGowan \(MSFT\) Guest

    Re: D-Link DIR-655 Wireless problems

    Hi Dag. I'm using one of this router's predecessors, but encountered
    issues similar to yours. What worked for me was to assign a static IP
    to the 360, then add that IP to the router's DMZ zone.

    The following website has a great trouble-shooting guide for getting
    XBox Live up and running on a wireless network, including info on
    configuring the DMZ (albeit on a different vendor's router):

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