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Thread: Cannot see picture and movie thumbnails in Windows Explorer

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    Cannot see picture and movie thumbnails in Windows Explorer

    I moved some about 500 images and movies from my external HDD to Pictures folder in Windows Vista. I remember on XP i use to see the thumbnails but in Vista it is not showing me the same in windows explorer. No matter i choose any option from the view style like medium , large icons etc, but it wont displays the thumbnail. Even thought changing template to the folder (Pictures and Videos) doesn't works. I have tried several other customization settings but my Windows Explorer only shows the generic thumbnail of a picture (cartoon mountains and seascape) for all images and Movies.

    I have no idea left what i can do to fix the same. Somebody please help.

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    Re: Cannot see picture and movie thumbnails in Windows Explorer

    Hello Aadimoolan, to me it seems like the problem is somewhere with your image associations. You should go through the following articles and their fixes to get rid of this issue Have a look:

    How to Set Default Associations For a Program in Vista

    File association fixes for Windows Vista

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