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Thread: Black / Blank screen after login

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    Phadima Guest

    Black / Blank screen after login

    Hi all

    Its been 5 days since i have locked out of my pc (vista home).
    Switch on PC, Choose any user from list, after login, i get a black
    screen. After searching i found my way to the registry using F8->Repair
    ..->Command promt->regedit.exe
    In there i found that the everytime i change
    to explorer.exe, and restart my pc, it changes to *cmd.exe /k start
    cmd.exe* .
    i dont know what to do now. The following didnt work:

    - CTRL-ALT-DELETE/CRTL-SHFT-ESC to show task manager
    - Safe mode
    - System restore and repair

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    Dave Guest

    Re: Black / Blank screen after login

    You could try having a look at the registry keys that run programs on start-up.

    Have a look on the right side and delete anything that looks suspicious.
    I have only one entry there, for the sidebar gadgets.

    I have only one entry there, for Windows Defender.

    I do not have this key in my registry:
    so I don't know what to suggest about that.

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    Malke Guest

    Re: Black / Blank screen after login

    My guess (because I can't see the machine) is that your computer is severely
    infected which is why the shell setting changes upon reboot. Since you
    haven't told us anything about your computer and its recent history (except
    that you've had this problem for 5 days) or your security/antivirus
    protection, that's about as specific as I can guess.

    You could try booting with a Bart's PE with an antivirus plugin and scanning
    from there. Or you could pull the drive and attach it to a working computer
    running XP or Vista and use the installed av to scan it from there.

    Standard disclaimer: I can't see and test your computer myself, so these are
    just suggestions based on many years of being a professional computer tech;
    suggestions based on what you've written. You should not take my
    suggestions as a definitive diagnosis. If you can't do the work yourself
    (and there is no shame in admitting this isn't your cup of tea), take the
    machine to a professional computer repair shop (not your local equivalent
    of BigComputerStore/GeekSquad). If possible, have all your data backed up
    before you take the machine into a shop.

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    Rick Rogers Guest

    Re: Black / Blank screen after login


    For starters, that should be the HKLM branch, not the HKCU branch, and your
    key is entirely the wrong path. It should be:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

    Note that this is the "Windows NT" key, not just "Windows", and not the
    "Explorer" key but the "Winlogon" key.

    Try changing it there. As Malke has pointed out, you most likely have a
    serious infection which is best attacked from outside of Windows.

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    Phadima Guest

    Re: Black / Blank screen after login

    Thank you for your replies.
    I was mistaken it is in the
    *My laptop is a Toshiba P100, got it a year ago,running the latest
    symantec endpoint protection, two days before it went blank i installed
    divx and the latest windows update. Before then i was using skype,xlite
    with x-ten, fireworks,dreamweaver,visual studio 2005, sql server 2005,
    mysql 5.1, office 2007 and all toshiba programs that came with the pc.
    I have also changed it to explorer.exe but it keeps going back to
    cmd.exe /k start cmd.exe*
    the only thing left to try is scanning from another machine and
    formating i guess.

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    Dave Guest

    Re: Black / Blank screen after login

    I Googled "cmd.exe /k start cmd.exe" and came across this rootkit forum's page:

    If you look at the HijackThis posting you will see the "cmd.exe /k start cmd.exe" entry in the F2 section.

    The HijackThis help file says this about F section entries:

    F - IniFiles, autoloading entries
    F0 - Changed inifile value
    F1 - Created inifile value
    F2 - Changed inifile value, mapped to Registry
    F3 - Created inifile value, mapped to Registry

    So it may be worth looking at your system.ini and win.ini files via the command prompt.
    They are at c:windows\system.ini and c;\windows\win.ini

    Navigate to c:\windows and type in edit system.ini
    You can REM anything out with a semi-colon ( like the first line is).

    It's a long shot, but if you have tried everything else...

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    Sep 2008

    I have similar problem

    I'm also getting a black\blank screen after I log in.
    Nothing works shortcuts everything after log in, except the mouse fails to work.
    I even purchased a new HD and installed vista, a fresh install same problem.
    Any help would be appreciated

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